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The APC hosts annual meeting of the Propeller Club of Castellón

14 December 2016


The association has presented a cheque to the Parkinson’s Association and the Castellón branch of the Spanish Association against Cancer



The Propeller Club of Castellón held its annual meeting this morning at the Port Authority of Castellón in order to approve the budget for next year. The Association presented two cheques, one to the Castellón Parkinson’s Association and the other to the Castellón branch of the the Spanish Association against Cancer, both for a sum of 800 euros and which were received by the presidents of these associations, Alfonso Tomás and Carlos Camahort, respectively.

At the same time the organisation invited its 38 members to discuss proposals for activities in 2017. Among objectives with priority are actions designed to promote the Merchant Marine, marine, air and land transport. Also to promote international trade and sectors connected to port businesses and professionals of this field.

The association also carries out charitable activities such as those performed at this meeting at the Port Authority which was attended by the President, Francisco Toledo and the managing Director, Roberto Arzo.

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