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Students of International Trade visit the port

21 April 2016



About forty students of International trade from the Fina Izquierdo centre of Castellón have visited the Port of Castellón to see operations in the port at first hand.

Profesionals from PortCastelló gave a talk to inform them about the volume of traffic at the port, the main types of goods, as well as  short and long term projects, such as the construction of a new railway to join the northern and southern basins, which will enable the port to consolidate its position as one of the leading ports in Spain.

The group also had the opportunity to inspect the section of the breakwater with the specially designed non reflective surface on the seaward side, a project which has been recognised recently at the PortCatelló Lighthouse awards, where it won the prize for Innovation. They also visited the marine signals sytem installed in 2014 on the ‘Muelle del Centenario’ (Centenary Breakwater) at the entrance of the harbour.

The visit by these students is a part of the programme ‘Know your port’ started by the Port Authority, which is open to schools, universities and other interested organizations with aim of strengthening the links between the port and the people of the province.

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