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Students from the Polytechnical University visit the port

18 May 2016


About one hundred students from the School of Road, Canal and Port Engineering, from the Polytechnical University of Valencia have visited the Port of Castellón.The visit completes the series of classes they have been doing on ‘Maritime Construction Works ‘  which is a part of the third year course.

The group of students was accompanied by the university teachers Vicent Esteban Chapapría and  José Alberto González Escrivá.

The students attended a talk given by the managing Director of the Port of Castellón, Roberto Arzo, in which the evolution and development of the infrastructures of the Port was explained. After this the students visited various parts of the port to see at first hand the extension of the port and well as the main types of engineering projects which have been carried out.

The students were particularly interested in the extension of the breakwater with its innovative outer facing, especially constructed to reduce wave reflection to a minimum.

This is the third time that students from the School of Engineering of Valencia have chosen to visit the Port of Castellón at the end of their course.


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