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Servef and the port work together

16 March 2016


The secretary of the Regional Council, Maria José Mira , congratulates the president of the Port Authority of Castellón for the trend of continuing growth at the port.

Servef and the Port Authority of Castellón will work together to offer employment and training to people in the port sector. They will also organise events on the subject of safety in the workplace next May. These were the principle agreements reached after a meeting this morning between the president of the Port Authority Francisco Toledo and the secretary of Sustainable Economy, Productive Sectors, Business and Labour, María José Mira, accompanied by the the director of  Servef.

Mira has invited those companies that make up the port community, to make use of public employment service, “in order to train workers and to provide work for those in the sector who are currently unemployed.” he also congratulated the president of the Port Authority for the data published in recent months which confirms the positive development of the port as well as the restructuring of debt agreement which will permit further investment.

For his part, Francisco Toledo, underlined the importance of taking measures to provide training for members of the port community while at the same time he discussed with the regional secretary the future of the logistical-industrial area of the port  so that “we can begin to design a project that will give substance and identity to Parc Castelló”

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