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Representitives of the Port of Béjaïa visit the Port Authority of Castellón

11 January 2016


The General Director of the Merchant Navy and Ports from the Algerian Ministry of transport , Iben- El Boushaki Mohamed, and the President of the Port of  Béjaïa , Djelloul ACHOUR held meeting with the Port Authority of Castellón in order to review commercial relations between the two ports.

Algeria and in particular the Port of  Béjaïa, strengthens its commercial relations with  the Port of Castellón. Currently a million tons of goods is exported and imported. After a preliminary analysis in which the President of the Port of Castellón, Francisco Toledo, the Managing Director, Roberto Arzo, the Manager of the Portcastelló Foundation, Miguel Rojo and the directors of Mamedsa participated, it was agreed to that in the future an agreement to collaborate further will be signed, with a view to increasing the traffic between both ports given the important relationship that already exists between the ports of castellón and Béjaïa.

In this way, Portcastelló continues its work of aimed at consolidating and increasing    exports, particularly those of ceramic materials, frits and enamels.

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