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Propeller Castellón revises plans to prevent crime in companies

18 April 2016


The Port Authority of Castellón is working to implement guidelines for transparency and a code of good governance.


The Propeller Club of Castellón, an association made up of companies and professionals in the areas of the port, logistics, external trade and the port community of Castellón, have held one of their customary meetings to discuss changes in criminal law concerning the criminal liability of legal persons which has raised no small concern in the business sector.

On this occasion the talk was given by Pedro Carrasco Jiménez, doctor in law, and a specialist in Criminal Law, and a founder of the law firm ‘Carrasco Abogados.’

During his address Mr. Carrasco referred to the reforms to Criminal Law which “introduce criminal liability of companies as legal persons and which affect not only crimes which are committed in the context of the organization but also which might be committed by third parties such as suppliers, subcontracted individuals or groups which provide services for the companies.

Carrasco explained that the sanctions in such cases ranged from “fines, to the dissolution of the company, the suspension of its activities, the closure of properties, the prohibition for all activity, the withdrawal of permission to make legal profits or judicial intervention.” He advised that companies wishing to avoid criminal liability should have plans to prevent crime and demand such measures from third parties they are working with.

He went on to underline that the logistics and transport sectors are considered high risk for the high probability of becoming involved in criminal activity.

The President of the Port Authority of Castellón, Francisco Toledo, who particpated in the meeting announced that,”the Port Authority is working towards implementing guidelines for transparency, a code of good governance and the prevention of criminal activity, adopting the standard of ‘Compliance’.”

At the same time, Toledo highlighted the fact that the judicial framework which regulates public administration is different from that for ordinary companies but that “good governance and ethics demand that all administrators should apply any measures designed to promote a transparent style of management and it it their duty to set a good example.”


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