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PortCastelló will invest 13 million euros in 2017

23 December 2016


Francisco Toledo: “2017 will be a year of investment after several year in which investment has been kept to a minimum because the level of debt was placing the financial capacity of the port under severe restraint.

The Board of Directors of the Port Authority has agreed to ratify the business plan for 2017 which predicts, among other things, an income of 26.969.000 euros ( an increase of 5.5% compared to 2016) and expenses of  19.268.000 euros (an increase of 3.3% over the previous year) and investments to the value of   13.167.000 euros, that is  7.658.000 euros more than in 2016 and therefore an increase of 139%.

The President of the Port Authority of Castellón, Francisco Toledo, informed the Board that, “2017 will be a year of investment after several years when investment was kept to a minimum because the level of debt was placing the financial capacity of the port under severe restraint.”Toledo explained that since the restructuring of the debt and the approval of the  investment budget by State Ports, the investments needed by the port can be carried out.  “This is good news because employment will be generated by the construction projects from these investments and since they are productive investments long term employment will be created once the construction projects are finished.”

It should be pointed out that the investments for 2017 quadruple those of 2015 which were 2.8 million euros and double those of 2016 which were 5.6 million euros.

Other decisions of the Board of Directors.

A modification to the organization chart of the Port Authority was approved with the amortization of the head of the training division and the creation of the head of corporate image division.

The administrative concession for five years was approved for  Arcillas Castellón S.L. for the occupation of three offices with a total surface area of 43.45 square metres at a cost of 3,045.93 euros a year.

It was agreed to select the application for an administrative concession to Proyectos Ponsfer S.L. for the occupation of a warehouse of 275 square metres to be used for the storage of machinery, tools and materials.

The selection of the application by Fast Freight Spain was approved, for the occupation of offices with a surface area  of 99.32 square metresb. It was agreed to extend to twelve years the period of the

administrative concession held by Noatum Terminal Castellón S.A. for the use of loading terminal C, used for handling general cargo. The extension is in exchange for the commitment to invest  3.255.000 euros (above the legal minimum that can be demanded of  1.843.300 euros) of which  3.166.000 have already been invested in 2016.

It was agreed, to pay from the 2016 budget, the Port Authority of Castellón’s contribution to the settlement of the FEPORTS foundation, estimated at  31,822.74 euros, corresponding to 6.53% of the social capital held by the foundation.


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