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PortCastelló renews the EFQM 500+ Excellence Award

3 June 2016



This qualification is the highest recognition at a Europena level for excellence in management.

The Port Authority of Castellón has renewed the  EFQM 500+ Excellence Award for management and quality. The 500+ award from  EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management) is the highest recognition in Europe for excellence in management currently held by only two other ports in Spain.

The president of the Port Authority of Castellón, Francisco Toledo, has underlined the importance of this award for any company, “but even more in a public company because it provides society with a guarantee that the management is being carried out to the highest international standards.” Other institutions such as the University Jaume I also hold this award, won during the time when Francisco Toledo was the rector.

The award has a duration of two years, so this year PortCastelló has had to go through the evaluation process for its renewal, which it achieved after submitting to examination by the ‘Club Excelencia en Gestión. ‘ The evaluation by EFQM is very demanding because, using 33 set criteria, it examines the key results of the organisation and the response of clients, personnel and society, as well as leadership, the capacity for innovation, strategy, processes and alliances.

Those responsible for carrying out the evaluation have stated that “the PAC has presented highly positive results and trends, and better maintenance compared to other Spanish ports and a significant increase in productivity.

Francisco Toledo expressed his thanks to the staff of the Port Authority for their work “who have once more achieved the EFQM award” and pointed out that “in this way the Port of Castellón renews its commitment to an excellent  business model, an efficient management of resources and to increasing the capacity of the port to compete.”

The Port of Castellón adds this prestigious award to others it already holds such as the ” Premio de Calidad de la Administración General del Estado”, the ISO 9001, efficient handling of shipping calls and the OHSAS 18001.


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