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PortCastelló records its best ever goods traffic figures for the month of may


The accumulated growth over the first five months is 7,4 %




The Port of Castellón continues to break records; goods traffic has increased 27.7%  in May compared to the same month in the previous year and is the best May ever.  In the previous month 1.628.012 tons of goods traffic moved through the port compared to 1.274.751 in May of 2015. With this figure included,  PortCastelló has seen a 7.4% growth in the first five months of this year compared to the same period last year.

Solid bulks lead the growth in May with an increase of 80% reaching 522.124 tons compared to  289.714 tons moved in the same period last year. This figure breaks the all time record for solid bulk moved in a one month period which was established in 2008 before the crisis.

Bulk liquids grew by 20.5% reaching more than 644.977 tons in May of 2015 and  777.236 tons in 2016.  Traffic of general goods fell back slightly by 11.408 tons, which represents  3,3%, although it should be pointed out that over the five month period the total increase in this type of traffic is 14.4%

Container traffic went down in May 7.5% in terms of the number of containers although the total for the year shows an increase of 5.8%. Equally the accumulated total for the number of tons shipped by container is up  12,6%.

The president of the Port Authority of Castellón, Francisco Toledo, stated that “the positive figures for goods traffic that have been recorded demonstrate the dynamism of the exporting and importing companies as well as the capacity of the Port of Castellón to compete with its rivals thanks to the commitment and efficient service provided by the Port Community-”


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