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Maritime-fishing training courses set up by the Port Authority of Castellón

13 January 2016


The Port Authority of Castellón has given permission to the local secondary school IES Miquel Peris i Segarra del Grao, for the use of a building with 1000 square metres of space so that they have a suitable place for the new training course they are offering.

The Port Authority of Castellón has hosted a meeting this morning with the aim of setting up in El Grao de Castellón during the next academic year on-land/maritime training courses with three levels; basic, intermediate and advanced. This agreement is the result of the collaboration between various organisations. So the meeting was attended by Counsellor Rafael Simó from the Town Council of El Grao de Castellón, the counsellor for Education Enric Porcar, the inspector for the Territorial Management of Education, Vicent Domenech, the headmaster of IES Miquel Peris i Segarra and the President of the Port Authority of Castellón, Francisco Toledo.

This is the third meeting that has been held by representitives of these organisations in order to finalise the arrangements for the courses, the origin of which was the intersting and original proposal made by IES Miquel Peris i Segarra del Grao and which will provide an attractive educational opportunity in a field connected to the activity of the port. Tolodo explained; “The aim is to do something to offset the  worrying levels of drop outs at the school. In fact nearly 60% of the students don’t achieve the ESO qualification.”

In order to provide a suitable venue for this project, the Port of Castellón has made available a building with 1000 square metres of space situated in the port area where the courses can take place. In this way Castellón will now contribute towards helping young people to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to find jobs connected to fishing and the sea, something which in the the Valencian region can currently only be done in Alicante.

Counsellor Rafa Simó, from the Town Council of El Grao de Castellón has explained that “it is just one step more, but an important step, towards setting up here in El Grao proper maritime- fishing training courses, something we have been trying to do for years and which will  make a big contribution towards improving the training available to young people and to create more professionals in this sector and in El Grao.”

On behalf of the Department of Education, Enric Porcar expressed his satisfaction “that there would be a wider offer of education in our town and in particular in the Miquel Peris Secondary School and as a result better job prospects.”


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