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APC request that it be treated in the same manner as other ports by ADIF

17 June 2016


Francisco Toledo has called attention to the fact that the project for a new rail access to the port is on hold despite the fact that the budget has been approved.

The president of the Port Authority of Castellón, Francisco Toledo, states that he hopes that the Ministry of Public Works will treat the Port of Castellón in the same way as other ports with reference to the agreement signed with the port of Barcelona for the amount of 77 million euros for the construction of new railway lines providing access to the port. “The port of Castellón, however, is still pending the adjudication of the project for the construction of the southern rail access, even though the 1.6 million euros has been set aside for this in the General State Budget.”

Francisco Toledo said he was glad that the Administrator for Railway Infrastructure  – ADIF – is investing these 77 million euros in access lines for Barcelona because “without doubt it is necessary” but that he hopes that ADIF will give equal importance to the rail access at Castellón. “It is surprising that a ruling government can find 77 million euros for one project but not the  1.6 miilion euros which are projected in the Official State Budget for the construction of the new rail access to the South Basin at Castellón. The delay in this project could be interpreted as leaving the Port of Castellón behind. ”

The President of the Port Authority of Castellón pointed out that the southern rail access to the port of Castellón is ” vital for the future growth of the port,

for wealth creation, for the economy of the province and the future connection with the Mediterranean corridor

It may be remembered that most of the works set out in the 2016 – 2020 investment plan of PortCastelló 2020 with an budget of 70 million euros “are connected to the construction of new access lines and the connection of the port to the Mediterranean corridor. The President of the PAC underlined that Castellón is the main logistics hub in the province “through which a large part of the goods entering and leaving the province flow. The lack of this southern rail access makes it more difficult for the port and companies in the province to be competitive.”

Francisco Toledo also pointed out that for the port of Castellón the modernization of the line between Sagunto and Zaragoza is also fundmental. “We urge ADIF to take this line seriously also, in order for our port to become more efficient.

Toledo concluded saying, “If these improvements are carried out our costs will be reduced and our goods will save one hundred kilometers which they are obliged to travel via Tarragona in order to make the connection with the north of Spain.

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