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Amat Bellés, designer of the poster for the I PortCastelló lighthouse awards


A work by Amat Bellés has become the poster announcing the first  PortCastelló Lighthouse Awards. The artist has presented his work  to the President of the Port Authority of Castellón, Francisco Toledo

The poster, composed with watercolours and pencil, shows a nymph that holds in her hands the old light house of Castellón and which is now situated on the Muelle de Costa. Belles commented that “the nymph represents the sea and the seashells and stars the maritime environment. The mermaid holds a lighthouse which symbolises the first thing that sailors see as they reach the shore and is emblematic of the port and the prizes.”

For his part, Francisco Toledo thanked the artist for accepting the request of the Port Authority and for successfully producing in his  work a poster that reflects the philosophy behind the awards.

The presentation of the awards will take place on Friday April 8th and will commemorate the 114th anniversary of the foundation of  the port of Castellón. A jury of 54 people has considered candidates for the seven proposed categories and their selection has been ratified by the Board of Directors of  PortCastelló.

The Port Authority of Castellón has organised the presentation of these awards with aim of recognising the work carried out by individuals and companies in and around the port and to strengthen the sense of belonging to the port community. Toledo commented that “the port is something created by the people who work there. So it is necessary to make public recognition of the effort, hard work and initiative that has gone into the port and its surroundings. It is thanks to these efforts that we are growing and have become a key part of the society of the Province of Castellón”.

It should be pointed out that since 1971 Amat Bellés has held more than 50 exhibitions, both individual and collective. His works are exhibited in  the ‘Museo del Cercle Artístic’ in Manresa (Barcelona); ‘Museu Popular d´Art Contemporani’ in Vilafamés (Castellón); ‘Colección Bancaja’ in Valencia; ‘Museu de Belles Arts’ of Castellón; ‘Colección de la Fundación Caja’ of Bancaja Castellón; and the ‘Museo Salvador Allende’ (Santiago de Chile).

In the field of Graphic Design he has produced several hundred posters, more than fifty logos and various book covers, folder covers, record sleeves and CD covers. He has been a lecturer at the School of Graphic Design, Applied Arts and Artistic Trades in Castellón since 1990 and is a graphic designer at the University of Jaume I Castellón.


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