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PortCastelló will invest 13 million euros in 2017

Francisco Toledo: “2017 will be a year of investment after several year in which investment has been kept to a minimum because the level of debt was placing the financial capacity of the port under severe restraint.

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The PortCastelló Foundation achieves financial stability after the decisions adopted this year

The board of directors unanimously approves a budget of 347,875 euros for 2017.

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La Autoridad Portuaria acoge la asamblea anual del Propeller Club Castelló

The APC hosts annual meeting of the Propeller Club of Castellón

The association has presented a cheque to the Parkinson’s Association and the Castellón branch of the Spanish Association against Cancer

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Three students design the PortCastelló christmas card

The idea comes from the Corporate Social Responsibility Action Plan

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PortCastelló advertises its cruise ship offer at the International Cruise Summit

Francisco Toledo emphasises the commitment to the promotion of cruise ship traffic at the the Port of Castellón.

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PortCastelló strengthens its ties with the Polytechnic University of Valencia

Students from the Department of Road, Canal and Port Engineering  visit the Port Castelló to view the infrastructure and traffic.

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Reunión Anesco

PortCastelló hosts the meeting of the executive committee of Anesco

Francisco Toledo and Julio Carrasco chair the meeting of this management group which represents 83 companies associated with the management of shipping agencies.

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PortCastelló hosts the annual meeting of the propeller clubs of Spain

Francisco Toledo highlights the unity of these bodies in defence of common interests.

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The port of Castellón invests in the environment

The Port Authority has allocated 600.000 euros to specific measures connected to the environment.

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Toledo speaks in favour of Castellón as a european hub for citric fruits

The President of the Port Authority presented to the Board of Directors the conditions fulfilled by PortCastelló for this market and its alliance with the Union to defend the citric industry.

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Toledo calls for tolls on lorries using the AP-7 to be suspended

The president of the Port Authority of Castellón considers that the possibility of allowing lorries use of the AP-7 without tolls is a temporary solution but argues for a more serious solution.

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Blood donor campaign at PortCastelló

The annual blood donor  campaign in collaboration with the Centre for Blood Transfusion of Castellón with the motto “Being a blood donor doesn’t go out of fashion.

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PortCS took part in the XV World Congress of Cities and Ports in Rotterdam

The president of the Port Authority of Castellón together with the Town Council of Castellón, took part in the XV World Congress of Cities and Ports held in Rotterdam.

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PortCastelló en Cersaie

PortCastelló participates in Cersaie

The Port of Castellón participates in Cersaie to support the ceramics industry  and with record figures for goods traffic.

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PortCastelló receives the luxury cruise ship Silver Cloud

The President of the Port Authority of Castellón presents a gift to the captain to commemorate the ships first visit to the Port of Castellón

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PortCastelló in Sea Trade Med Europe

The manager of the PortCastelló Foundation is working hard to attract more cruise ship traffic to the port

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Toledo announces “2017,a year for investment”

 The President of the Port Authority of Castellón states that he will continue to argue in favour of ‘fair treatment’ for PortCastello so that it doesn’t loose competitiveness

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Toledo puts forward Sebastián Plá as vice-president of the Board of Directors

The president of the Port Authority of Castellón, Francisco Toledo, will propose Sebastián Pla Colomina for the post of vice-president of the Board of Directors of the Port Authority of Castellón. Toledo will make a formal proposal to the Board of Directors at the next meeting in order to substitute Rafael Montero, after leaving his position as general secretary of the Confederación de Empresarios de Castellón (CEC).

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The Agency for Safety and Emergency and PortCS enhance their coordinated response to emergency

The president of the Port Authority of Castellón has congratulated the General Director for the agency’s response to the recent forest fire in Artana

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The port cooperates in operation to extinguish the fire in the Serra of Espadán

The port suspended the passage of ships to allow flying boats to pick up water.

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PortCastelló ends the first half of the year with a growth of 7,3%

June 2016 has been the best June in the history of  PortCastelló, with growth of 8.1% compared to the same month of the previous year.

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PortCastelló a Madrid

PortCastelló presents its logistical potential in Madrid

With its connections in the Mediterranean, Africa, the Middle East and the Black Sea, the port of Castellón presents a very competitve option for businesses in Madrid

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Toledo wants the Port Community to get more involved in improving PortCastelló

The president of the Port Authority proposes that an agreement is made between all those involved with aim of consolidating the position of the port of Castellón as an economic force in the province.

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2016-04-29 Consejo de Administración de PortCastelló

The board of directors of PortCastelló approves the accounts of 2015

Francisco Toledo states that the good economic result will allow the port to invest in infrastructure, reduce taxes and increase bonuses in order to improve its capacity to compete.

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The Port condemns the terrorist attack in Istanbul

The port Authority of Castellón has expressed its condemnation for the suicide attack perpetrated at Atatürk Airport in Istanbul and wishes to express its sympathy to the families of the victims and the Turkish people.

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The PortCastelló Foundation doubles its number of patrons

The board has approved the accounts for 2015 which have been audited for the first time.

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PortCastelló: Meetings and talks to provide information about the weighing of containers

The Port of Castellón holds the fifth position in the Spanish ports system with regards to the numbers of containers imported and exported.

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The port welcomes students from University of Saint Edwards

A group of 23 students from the Universioty of Saint Edwards in Texas, USA have visited the port of Castellón as a part of an intensive course on company administration that they are doing at the University of Jaume I of Castellón.

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Students from Germans Ochando school visit the port

A total of 23 students from the second year of the Germans Ochando Primary School have visited the port of Castellón accompanied by their teachers.

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APC request that it be treated in the same manner as other ports by ADIF

Francisco Toledo has called attention to the fact that the project for a new rail access to the port is on hold despite the fact that the budget has been approved.

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PortCastelló holds a meeting to discuss SOLAS

The Port Authority has informed the parties involved about the strategy to follow and the new regulations.

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PortCastelló records its best ever goods traffic figures for the month of may

The accumulated growth over the first five months is 7,4 %

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150 trucks leave PortCastelló bound for the Red Sea

An impressive operation took place at the Port of Castellón in which 150 trucks from Holland were moved in preparation for their transport to the Red Sea.

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2016-06-03 Propeller en el aeropuerto

PortCastelló aims to establish operational and strategic synergies with the airport

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2016-06-03 Sello Calidad

PortCastelló renews the EFQM 500+ Excellence Award

This qualification is the highest recognition at a Europena level for excellence in management.

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El puerto de Castellón participa en Amberes para mostrar todo su potencial logístico

The port presents its logistics potential in Antwerp

Francisco Toledo declares that for the transport of special cargoes PortCastelló is highly competitive.

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The port inaugurates a new regular container line with Algeria

The line, consigned by Marmedsa, will help to consolidate North Africa as one of the principal destinations for ceramic products from Castellón.

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Students from the Polytechnical University visit the port

About one hundred students from the School of Road, Canal and Port Engineering, from the Polytechnical University of Valencia have visited the Port of Castellón.The visit completes the series of classes they have been doing on ‘Maritime Construction Works ‘ .

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Students of Administration and Commerce visit PortCastelló

The Port Authority of  Castellón today received a visit from a group of forty students studying the Intermediate Grade of Administration and Commerce from the ‘Academia Latina’ of Castellón.

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2016-05-08 APM Terminals

APM Terminals confirm their commitment to PortCastelló

Representitives of APMT, Grup TCB and TPC have held a meeting with the president of the Port Authority of  Castellón

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2016-05-05 Fundación Globalis

The Globalis Foundation and the Port Authority study possible joint actions

Francisco Toledo underlines the commitment of both organizations to innovation

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PortCastelló renovates the port police vehicle pool

 The three cars, which will be used for the routine policing of the port, were delivered this morning to the Port Authority with a three year hire purchase agreement

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The port participes in the 21st interport five-a-side football

The 21st Interport five-a-side Football Chambionships have been held in Almeria and a team from the Port of Castellón participated.There were a total of 240 participants who were received by the President of the Port Authority of Almeria.

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Toledo presents the PortCastelló investment plan to the board of directors

The Port Authority has commisioned a report to evaluate the recovery of the ‘Comandancia de Marina’ Building

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The profits of the port up by 54% reaching nearly 6 million euro

The Port of Castellón is now the sixth most profitable in Spain

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entrada carretilla

The port of Castellón triples ro-ro traffic in february

The Port of Castellón reports the biggest ever growth in ro-ro traffic in the first months of the year

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Students of International Trade visit the port

About forty students of International trade from the Fina Izquierdo centre of Castellón have visited the Port of Castellón to see operations in the port at first hand.

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The Port Authority welcomes `Col.lectius per la Cultura al Grau´

Francisco Toledo congratualted the federation for its efforts to promote cultural activities in the El Grau de Castellón

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2016-04-16 Propeller Club Castellló

Propeller Castellón revises plans to prevent crime in companies

The Port Authority of Castellón is working to implement guidelines for transparency and a code of good governance.

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Students from La Salle visit the port

A total of 80 students from ‘La Salle’ secondary school  Benicarló have visited the port accompanied by their teachers.   The visit was organised as part of the policy of the Port Authority of Castellón to create closer ties between the port and the people of the province, educational establishments and strengthen the relationship between the port and the town.

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Marco and Toledo take further action to strengthen the links

The Mayoress of Castellón and the President of the Port Authority are studying projects to make the port more competitive, creating economic benefits for the town of El Grao and its people.

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PortCastelló closes the best ever march in goods traffic

Traffic grew 4.3% compared to March 2015 and the port closes the first quarter of 2016 with an increase of 11.8% over the previous year.

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The Port Authority completes the debt restructuring process

This financial measure will allow the port to gain in competitivity, and consolidate its postion as one of the top ten  providers of employment.

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Students from Caminás Secondary School in PortCastelló

 Students of Commerce and Marketing from Caminás Secondary School  Castellón have visited the docks and control tower at the Port of Castellón after attending a presentation at the conference hall at the offices of the Port Authority.

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The Port Authority introduces electronic billing

Clients and suppliers have attended a meeting at the Port Authority’s headquarters to receive information about the advantages of the new system.

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The board of directors of the Foundation have approved plans to reorganise

 To relaunch the PortCastelló Foundation and make it the best ally  of the Port Community. This is one of the objectives that has been set by the President of the Port Authority of  Castellón, Francisco Toledo

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The Port Authority condemns the attacks in Brussels

The Port Authority of Castellón has expressed its condemnation of the terrorist attacks carried out in Brussels and support for the victims, the people of Belgium and all those, in whichever part of the world, are suffering from such acts.

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Amat Bellés, designer of the poster for the I PortCastelló lighthouse awards

 Amat Bellés, designer of the poster for the I PortCastelló lighthouse awards

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El presidente de la Generalitat Valenciana

Ximo Puig emphasises the fundamental role played by the port

The president of the Generalitat meets with the president of the Port Authority and pledges to prioritize investment in and around the port.

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The port and Onda combine efforts to improve connections

The president of the Port Authority of Castellón has emphasised how important it is to improve road connections in order to facilitate the transport of goods to the port.

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Consejo de Administración del puerto de Castellón

The board of directors of the port approves the I Edition of the PortCastelló lighthouse awards

The ceremony to present the awards will be held on the 8th of April.

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2016-03-16 Servef

Servef and the port work together

The secretary of the Regional Council, Maria José Mira , congratulates the president of the Port Authority of Castellón for the trend of continuing growth at the port.

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2016-03-15 ConselleraPortCastello-01

Salvador highlights the role played by ports

The counciller held a meeting today with the President of the Port Authority of Castellón, Francisco Toledo

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PortCastelló breaks the record for traffic in february

The President of the Port Authority of Castellón, Francisco Toledo, is of the opinion that these figures confirm that the port is on the path of sustained growth

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Toledo thanks the Nao Victoria Foundation for bringing the vessel to the port

 The President of the Port Authority of invites the people of Castellón to learn about ” one of the most brilliant achievements in the annals of maritime history.”

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Gimeno Marítimo, Becsa-FCC and Leatransa, Port Castelló Lighthouse Awards

The Port Authority of Castellón commemorates that it is 114 years since the foundation of the port with the presentation of awards on April 7th.

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nao victoria1

La Nao Victoria visits the port

The ‘Nao Victoria’, a replica of the ship which succeeded in making the first ever circum-navigation of the globe, left Alicante last night and set sail for Castellón where it will arrive this evening and make a stop of three days and be open to the public to show them its amazing history.

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Port Castello crece un 17,3%

Toledo: “The mediterranean corridor is a key for the future of the port”

The President of the Port Authority of  Castellón will take part in discussions at the Fòrum Valencià Corredor Mediterrani

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El puerto de Castellón impulsa el programa "Conoce tu puerto"

The leisure area of the port has been visited by 8.000 school children

The Port Authority of Castellón has made it an objective to strengthen relations between the port and the town.

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Port Authority accompanies the gaiata of el Grau

The President of the Port Authority of Castellón, Francisco Toledo, has accompanied the association of Gaiata 12 for the official inauguration of their festival exhibits.

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The port enters into social networks

The Port Authority of Castellón has moved to provide information about the port through these channels and increase the transparency of the institution.

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The port loads wind generator blades for France

The blades have been loaded aboard the vessel Medazov Julia docked at the Muelle del Centenario

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The PortCastelló Foundation moves into new offices

The PortCastelló Foundation has moved into new offices near the main offices of the Port Authority and in this way takes a further step towards strengthening its role in promoting the commercial development of the Port of Castellón.

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Container traffic, the biggest increase this january

 The President of the Port Authority of Castellón, Francisco Toledo, has affirmed that these figures show the way towards growth for exporting companies in Castellón

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Students from IES Serra Espadá visit the port

A round thirty students of Internationl Trade from the IES Serra Espadá School in Onda have visited the facilities of the port accompanied by their teachers. The group attended a presentation about the port in the main hall.

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Pupils from CEIP Almassora visit the port

 The group was given a tour of the port after listening to a short presentation in the main hall of the Port Authority building.

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Informative exhibition about the Columbretes

PortCastelló demonstrates the rich diversity of marine life in this protect area.

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Cevisama: PortCastelló highlights its partnership with ceramics industry

The president of the Port Authority of Castellón, Francisco Toledo, made public the reductions that have been approved in order to increase the competitive capability of the ceramics industry.

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Exchange students from Chesterfield visit the port

 The group attended a presentation in the main hall about the organization and activity in the port and afterwards were taken by bus to see some some of the docks and harbours.

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Francisco Toledo welcomes Guardia Civil Colonel

This morning the president of the Port Authority of Castellón, Francisco Toledo, and the managing director of the port, Roberto Arzo, welcomed Guardia Civil Colonel  Miguel Fresneda to the port after his recent appointment as the senior official of the Guardia Civil in Castellón. He has replaced Colonel José Miralles, who has passed into the reserve after forty years of service in the Guardia Civil, the last three years in Castellón.

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A hundred students from the Ribalta Secondary School visit the Port of Castellón

The Port Authority of Castellón has organised the visit by IES Francesc Ribalta as a part of its policy to encourage closer contacts between the port and the surrounding population and to strengthen the ties between the port and the town

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Portcastelló sets as objectives the restructuring of debt and the investment in infrastructure

The port closed 2015 breaking its own records for all kinds of goods traffic and for the first time exceeding the figure of 16 million tons of goods transported.

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Portcastelló promotes cruise ship tourism at Fitur

The President of the Port Authority of Castellón, Francisco Toledo, together with the manager of the PortCastelló Foundation, have held various meetings at the State Ports stand.

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PortCastelló marks its involvement in Cevisama 2016 with record for goods traffic

At the fair the port will advertise its infrastructure and services and explain the benefits of operating in this logistics enclave on the Mediterranean coast.

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Metopa a Linea Messina

The Port of Castellón makes a presentation to the ship ‘Jolly Vanadio’ of the Messina Line

The president of the Port Authority, Francisco Toledo, emphasised the choice of Castellón by this shipping line.

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Goods traffic at the Port of Castellón increased by 23.8% last december

The president of the Port Authority of Castellón, Francisco Toledo, believes that these results reflect the energy and creativity of exporting companies in Castellón and good work by the Port Community.

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Maritime-fishing training courses set up by the Port Authority of Castellón

The Port Authority of Castellón has given permission to the local secondary school IES Miquel Peris i Segarra del Grao, for the use of a building with 1000 square metres of space so that they have a suitable place for the new training course they are offering.

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Representitives of the Port of Béjaïa visit the Port Authority of Castellón

The General Director of the Merchant Navy and Ports from the Algerian Ministry of transport , Iben- El Boushaki Mohamed, and the President of the Port of  Béjaïa , Djelloul ACHOUR held meeting with the Port Authority of Castellón in order to review commercial relations between the two ports.

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