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2013_07_23_inauguracin desayunos-coloquio de portcastell

The president of the Generalitat inaugurated the conference titled “Port and tile: a necessary future”

The president of the Generalitat, Mr. Alberto Fabra, explained that “it is essential” to improve infrastructures and generate more synergy together with the strategic business sectors, with the aim of improving its competitiveness and potential to the Valencian Community.

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2013_07_26_consejo administracin_mesa

Traffic grew by 18% in the first half of 2013 in PortCastelló

The traffic at the port continues offering good news. June became one of the best months in the Port of Castellon history. Tile export reached the second most important traffic for first time at the port. It was a record month in container traffic, with over 22,000 TEUs.

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Meeting in homage to the victims of the railway accident in Santiago de Compostela

The human team of the Port Authority of Castellon with its president Mr. Juan José Monzonís at the head, met together in front of main offices of the Port of Castellon to dedicate a minute of silence for the victims of the tragic railway accident occurred in Santiago de Compostela. Mr. Juan José Monzonís sent a letter to the president of the Xunta de Galicia, Mr. Alberto Nuñez Feijoo, to convey the condolences of the institution he presides.

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2013_06_28_portcastell traslada su nueva oferta logsitica a alcaldes y empresarios de onda y ribesalbes-01

PortCastelló informs about its new logistic offers to majors and entrepreneurs from Onda and Ribesalbes

The Port of Castellon informs about its new logistic offers to majors and entrepreneurs from Onda and Ribesalbes in a day of promotion opportunities as part of the visits from different towns that will take place to the port facilities.

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Traffic grew by 11% until May in PortCastelló

The goods traffic of the Port of Castellon grew by 11.1 percent the first five months of the year. From January to May of the current year was exceeded half a million tons more than in the same period in 2012. It was announced by the President of the Port Authority of Castellon, Mr. Juan José Monzonís, over the course of the last Management Board of the Port Authority.

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2013_05_29_jornada puerto alcora

The Port Authority of Castellon informs to entrepreneurs from Alcora about the new opportunities provided by the port expansion

The Port Authority of Castellon, in collaboration with the City of Alcora, carried out a day of promotion opportunities and support to the business from Alcora.

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i campaa de donacin de sangre de la comunidad portuaria_reducido

The Port Community embarks on Blood Donation Campaign driven by PortCastelló

The Port Authority of Castellon has carried out a campaign called “Embark on the 1st Blood Donation Campaign of the Port Community”. It was the first time PortCastelló called employees and companies linked to the port to donate blood for health centres and individuals in need.

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A survey reveals a growing involvement between Port Community companies and PortCastelló

The Port Community is more involved in the internal management of PortCastelló, more participative in the competitive advantages and also more demanding of challenges and improvements, such as active response to the current economic situation. That is the main conclusion highlighted in the Satisfaction Study 2012, presented to private companies and public organizations operating therein.

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2013_04_15_portcastell aprueba sus referenciales de calidad para distintos tipos de trficos

PortCastelló approves its quality referentials for different traffics

The Port Authority of Castellon has adapted the generic quality referentials established by State Ports to the reality of the port through specific quality referentials development.

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Jolly Diamante was presented to PortCastelló by Ignazio Messina

Ignazio Messina‘s shipping company, immersed in an important renewing process of its fleet, unveiled its new Jolly Diamante ship on a call at the general purpose Terminal of Port of Castellon during the first days of April.

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PortCastelló received the first cruise of the year with British and Australian tourists

The Port of Castellon received Quest for Adventure, a ship of Saga Cruises cruise company, with near 600 British and Australian passengers aboard. The ship docked at 8 am at Modesto Vigueras Quay of Port of Castellon. Passengers were received, as in previous calls, with fresh orange juice and “dolçaina i tabal”, the traditional music from Castellon. The ship was consigned by Roca Castellón Consignaciones, S.L.

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2013_03_27_portcastell crece un 9 en los dos primeros meses del ao-01

PortCastelló grows a 9% in the first two months of the year

The Port of Castellon grew 9 percent in the first two months of 2013. Thus, the port area improved its positive traffic record in January, when it added a 6.8 percent more of goods, and achieved an increase of 11.2 percent in February from the same period last year.

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The new cruise shipping call scheduled to PortCastelló in April will repeat in November

The new cruise shipping call scheduled to PortCastelló the next April 3, will repeat on November 9 of the current year, so we will receive three cruise shipping in 2013. This is one of the latest results of the trading negotiations held in Miami during the Cruise Shipping trade fair, which ended last weekend. The director of the Port of Castellon, Mr. Roberto Arzo, has taken a satisfying balance about the commercial results conducted during the trade fair.

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PortCastelló adds in Miami another cruise

The Port of Castellon adds another cruise scale scheduled for the next April. Saga Cruises is a British company that bet again on Castellon after docked for the first time with Saga Pearl II ship in 2011. The April 3 is going to stop Quest for Adventure ship, with 160 meters length and up to 450 passengers who will arrive from Cartagena and will depart to Ibiza.

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2013_02_11_portcastell es el sexto puerto de espaa en importacin y ex

PortCastelló is the sixth Spanish port in import/export containers

The Port of Castellon is situated in traffic container ranking after Valencia (first), Barcelona, Bilbao, Vigo and Algeciras Bay and ahead of Las Palmas, Tarragona, Bay of Cadiz and Cartagena. 154,812 TEUs were moved in 2012, a 23.93 percent over the previous year. It is also, in total container volume, in tenth position followed by Valencia (first), Algeciras, Barcelona, Las Palmas, Bilbao, Malaga, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Vigo and Tarragona.

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2013_01_18_portcastell bate rcord

PortCastelló sets record of containers with 160,934 TEUs and an increase of 22.8% in 2012

That percentage increase is translated into about 30,000 containers in 2012 over the previous year. Goods traffic on the docks (Zone 1) increased by 7.85 percent, adding more than 6 million tons. However, the total traffic in 2012 was 12,949,821 tonnes in front of 13,117,726 of previous year, which has resulted in a fall of 1.2 percent, influenced partly by the technical stop of BP Oil company.

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2013_01_16_trfico teus messina_web

PortCastelló owns 40% of tile export after growing 30% in 2012

Tile export, which is the third most important traffic, increased 30 percent in 2012 over the previous year, from 1,000,000 to 1,360,000 tons. The improved infrastructure and the new commercial and strategic approaches were crucial to gain market share in the tile sector in terms of ceramic export. The putting into service of the Centenary Wharf, the incorporation of portainer cranes and modern machinery, the construction of the South Basin and the railway, favor competitiveness and ensure a better customer service.

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