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The Port Community of PortCastelló begins to define objectives and strategies

14 December 2012

An accurate and complete assessment to give the best solutions for the future. The PortCastelló External Committee of Business Plan, composed of representatives from all the organizations and companies of the port community, held a meeting to discuss in depth the research results about the port situation made during the last half year. After studying the environment, processes and the internal situation, the port community has agreed a roadmap to begin defining objectives, strategies and lines of action for the next five years by consolidating the current model and looking for ways to increase its competitiveness from an international reference framework.

The investigation stage of PortCastelló Business Plan 2012-2017 has included the making of 65 personal interviews that were used to analyse perception about port operations and markets in which operates. A full situation analysis to detect improvement areas in all processes, will improve efficiency and competitiveness of PortCastelló for the next five years.

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