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The Annual Report is available in the website, tablets and smartphones

3 August 2012

The Annual Report 2011 of the Port of Castellón is available on our website and through a QR Code in mobile phones.

The Annual Report is a clear reflection of how the Port of Castellón is overcoming the economic crisis, through the diversification of traffic, with more and better infrastructure and services and a strong commitment to quality, efficiency and innovation in order to remain competitiveness. 2011 has been the recovery year of the traffics of the Port. The port achieved a growth of 5.1% compared to the previous year, and made Castellón the fastest growing port in the Valencian region. This traffic increase is reflected in a total of 13 million tons and 130,963 TEUs.

The Business Plan 2009-2011 culminated in 2011.The application of this plan over two years period has produced very satisfactory results. This plan aimed to establish the Port of Castellón as a leading logistic platform in the Mediterranean sea, with constantly growing traffic while encouraging diversification and with clear commercial objectives. 2011 was also the year which the extension to the Eastern Breakwater was finalized, a work that was as innovative as it was necessary for the Port, since it mean that the harbour waters are now completely sheltered and protected from bad weather.

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