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The Port Community of PortCastelló begins to define objectives and strategies

An accurate and complete assessment to give the best solutions for the future. The PortCastelló External Committee of Business Plan, composed of representatives from all the organizations and companies of the port community, held a meeting to discuss in depth the research results about the port situation made during the last half year.

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PortCastelló enables its Customer Service (SAC) to all the community

The Customer Service (SAC) of the Port Authority of Castellón has become a service aimed at all the stakeholders: customers, suppliers, society and institutions. This service is the result of a quality policy aimed at stakeholders satisfaction and its main objective is to be an effective media between Port Community and its customers as well as the entire environment around their activity and facilities.

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2012_08_30_portcastell recibe al buque ms grande de su historia 2

PortCastelló receives the biggest ship in its history

The Port of Castellón received the biggest ship put in at its basins in 110 years history. It was the Mozart container ship from MSC (Mediterranean Shipping Company, S.A.) which is 282 meters length and 40 wide. The merchant ship docked at Terminal Polivalente de Castellón at 8 am and left in the afternoon. The charge was loaded with 205 containers, mainly tiles.

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2011_memoria anual_reducida

The Annual Report is available in the website, tablets and smartphones

The Annual Report 2011 of the Port of Castellón is available on our website and through a QR Code in mobile phones.

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2010_03_teus 138

PortCastelló gets a new monthly record of container traffic in June with more than 17,000 TEUs

The Port of Castellón got a new monthly record of container traffic in June with more than 17,000 TEUs, the higher monthly figure registered in the last 110 years of history.

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2012_07_20_jornada difusin servicios apcs a las empresas del serrallo 2

PortCastelló announces its service to the companies situated in Serrallo area

The Port of Castellón announces its service and infraestructure offer, market position and future plans to the companies situated in Serrallo area. The Committee of Promotion of the Port Authority assembled the maximum representatives of UBE, BP Oil, Iberdrola Distribución, Iberdrola Generación, Repsol, CLH and Infinita Renovables in the assembly hall of the port offices to convey the port situation and the nearest skyline in a meeting followed by a guided visit.

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Entrepreneurs strengthen commercial bonds with PortCastelló to promote fruit trading

A business delegation from Costa Rica visited the Port of Castellón. They were invited through PortCastelló Foundation to analyse their business opportunities and to promote commercial trading of fruit, exporting oranges and importing tropical fruit. The members of the delegation emphasized the characteristics of refrigeration area in the Internal Transverse Quay, which is an opportunity to promote trading with Costa Rica.

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2012_06_21_renovacin sello efqm 500

PortCastelló renewes EFQM, the highest european recognition of excellence

The Port Authority of Castellón has renewed his recognition for Excellence 5 Stars, obtained two years ago for the first time, to continue as a quality and excellent port.

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PortCastelló activates new electronic forms through its web to speed up port management procedures

The Port of Castellón has developed new electronic forms to speed up the port management procedures. New forms associated to electronic registration and processes have been developed to improve the electronic communication in order to adapt itself to the Law 11/2007, about citizen’s right to communicate in an electronic way to the Government Administration.

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PortCastelló achieves a monthly record of container traffic in May with over 16,000 TEUs

The Port of Castellón has achieved a monthly record in container traffic with over 16,000 TEUs in May, according to the Statistics Department of the Port Authority. This was the highest monthly figure reached in the last 110 years of history of the Port of Castellón.

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PortCastello signs an agreement with Portel to establish the PCS model

The Port Authority of Castellón and the telematic service company Portel have signed an agreement to establish PCS model, a solution to integrate the different services managed by a Port Authority through a single desk. A PCS platform (PortCommunitySystem) responds to the requirement of making the most of the infrastructures and efficiently manage operations and port services in an integrated telematic way.

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2012_05_28_iv jornada logistica

PortCastelló impulsed its IV Logistics Day about the railway and infrastructures

On Thursday, 31th of May, IV Logistics Day was held at the Opal Hall of the Gran Casino in Grao of Castellón. The event was inaugurated by the President of the Generalitat, Alberto Fabra.

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2012_05_24_plan estrategico

PortCastelló promotes its new Business Plan 2012-2017 to increase international competitiveness

The Monitoring Committee of PortCastelló Strategic Plan, consisting of representatives of institutions and companies from Port Community, met at the Port Authority of Castellón to design the outlines that will mark its new Business Plan for the next five years.

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2012_05_03_visita rotary club

The Rotary Club Castellón visited the facilities of the Port of Castellón

The Rotary Club Castellón visited the facilities of the Port of Castellón. The members of this society, chaired by Mr. Javier Rodríguez Zunzarren, visited the northern and southern expansions, that is the Centenary Wharf and the South Basin respectively.

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2012_04_02_110 aniversario 2

PortCastelló awards to Lidia Muñoz Caro and Daniel Muñoz for their work on communication

The Port of Castellón, through Fundación PortCastelló, awarded the best communication project and the logotype commemorating its 110th anniversary. The award went to Lidia Caro and Daniel Muñoz, students of 4th year of Advertising and Public Relations at the Universitat Jaume I. The winners received a commemorative certificate and a 500€ cheque from the president of the Port Authority of Castellón, Mr. Juan José Monzonís.

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2012_03_08_jornada sobre sostenbilidad

Meeting sustainability at Alicante, within Secur Med Plus

Last 8th March, a meeting on sustainability framed within the project SECUR MED PLUS “Strategies and common actions to reinforce safety at Mediterranean maritime and logistics sectors” was held at the business center at Alicante Port.

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PortCastelló will give an award to the best work of Communication referred to its 110 anniversary reported by the UJI

PortCastelló, through Fundación PortCastelló, will give a 500€ award to the best work of communication designed by students of Jaume I University. The students of 4th year of Bachelor degree and 3rd course of the degree of Advertising and Public Relations should carry out a communication campaign that will include the design of a logo for the 110 anniversary of the Port Authority of Castellón to be held next 2nd of April.

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2012_03_01_puertos del estado mediar ante fomento para agilizar los accesos de portcastell

Puertos del Estado will deal with Ministry of Fomento to push on PortCastelló entry ways

The President of the Port Authority of Castellón, and the President of Puertos del Estado, have agreed up the costruction of the South railway link to PortCastelló. For the first time at the present government term both Presidents have departed on relevant Port issues.

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2012_02_21_buque genmar1

PortCastelló keeps its commitment to ceramics with a new ship to transport raw materials

PortCastelló has just received the maiden visit of the ship Genmar of the turkish company Batinak Shipping. This ship was built in 2011 and is able to hold 35,000 tons. According to the president of the Port Authority of Castellón, Mr. Juan José Monzonis, it “reinforces the commitment of PortCastelló to Ceramics and other industrial sectors of the Castellón province”, as he stated while handing a commemorative plaque to the ship Captain, Mr. Tuncer Ozaslan.

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PortCastelló ranks 6th in Spain in terms of container traffic

PortCastelló ended 2011 as the 6th Spanish port in container traffic, with 124.920 TEUs, following Vigo with 172.803, according to Puertos del Estado, as a result of a 26% increase this activity. Along with this, it was the first port in terms of bulk cargo at the Valencian Comunity, with 3.244.831 tons against 2.374.045 at Valencia and 724.112 at Alicante.

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PortCastelló is first at promoting an application for mobiles and tablets

PortCastelló along with Fundacion PortCastelló, through the local company Cuatroochenta, is developing the first application for mobiles and tablets of a port at Spain called PortCastelló, innitially designed for iphone and focusing on informing about port news.

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A 496608

PortCastelló shows the biggest growth among ports at the Comunidad Valenciana during 2011

PortCastelló has been the first growing Port at the Comunidad Valenciana in 2011 in terms of goods traffic, with a 5.1% increase compared to 2.20% at Alicante and 2.71% at Valencia Port, according to Puertos del Estado.

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PortCastelló grows by 5.1% and achieved a new record with 130,000 containers in 2011

The Port of Castellón has closed 2011 with a growth of 5.1 percent over the last year, it has broken a record in container traffic, goods and tile exports, as announced today the president of the Port of Castellón, Mr. Juan José Monzonís, during the Board of Directors of the Port which was chaired by the president of the Generalitat, Mr. Alberto Fabra, and in which the Councillor of Infrastructure, Ms. Isabel Bonig, was also present.

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PortCastelló publishes its first Sustainability Report

The Port Authority of Castellón has published its first Sustainability Report which includes economic, social and environmental facts in 2010. This report has been elaborated following the Global Reporting Initiative G3 rules. It is going tol be delivered to the different stakeholders as a useful management tool that emerged from “an examination work and new awareness”, as explained the president of the Port of Castellón, Juan José Monzonís.

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