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PortCastelló invites tenders for the dry dock installation

21 June 2011

The Port of Castellón retrieves the dry dock and tender their holdings for a period of between 20 and 25 years. The Board of the Port Authority of Castellón approved today to tender out the operation of the shipyard, located in the south of the fishing dock.

The tender involves its operation to work with a tracking mechanism which allows the transfer of vessels in a more modern and efficient. The dry dock, with 4.500 square meters, is a venue for the repair of vessels, which will particularly benefit the fishing industry.

Moreover, the president of the Castellón Port Authority made ??a positive assessment of the II Open Day of the Port of Castellón, which took place last Saturday, 18th of June. Counselors also received the publication edited by PortCastelló in 3D with spectacular images of the photographer Santi San Martín.

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