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PortCastelló enhances their security defenses with new quays

8 April 2011

The Port of Castellón has enhanced its security by installing new safeguards on its docks. It has been installed in the Inner Harbour 7 new defenses cylindrical length of 2 meters by 1.2 meters in diameter, similar to the Ceramics Spring. It has been disassembled 9 damaged defenses, of which the 5 that maintained good conditions have been repositioned. Finally, the defense number 5 has been placed  in the External Cross Dock. In this way, they are in perfect condition especially for the citrus campaign. The defenses favor the docking of ships in port eliminating the danger when approaching to the docks.

The Port Authority of Castellón, through its Strategic Plan 2010-2011 and framed in the strategic line that promotes the development of Corporate Social Responsibility activities, is committed along with the port community to optimize the management of the service to the Port of Castellón customers. Effort, it channeled through the Quality Committee for the Port Community, formed in June of 2010.

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