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ASCER visits PortCastelló

24 June 2011

The main tile employers’ ASCER representatives, with Joaquin Piñón as president, and Carlos Cabrera as vice president and chief executive of the Port Authority of Castellón, visited the new Port of Castellón to know the details of its new range of services and infrastructure. The president of the Port Authority of Castellón, Juan José Monzonís and director of the Port of Castellón, Roberto Arzo, accompanied the entourage to show up the new surfaces and technical means of PortCastelló. The visitors visited first the north and then the South Dock. Previously there was a meeting at the facilities of the Port Authority of Castellón to address data on maritime freight traffic. Goods derived from tile sector involve about 54 percent of recorded traffic on the docks of the Port of Castellón, according to data derived from the balance of goods in 2010. In the last year, the goods of the ceramic industry amounted to nearly 3 million tons of the 5,3 that were moved on the docks of PortCastelló (Zone 1) and excluding the traffic for the refinery. The export of tiles, frits and enamels through the Port of Castellón not only recovered in 2010 from the previous year, it broke records as far as volume is concerned. The sum of both goods exceeded one million tons for second time in more than one hundred years of life of the Port of Castellón.

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