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96% of citizens satisfied with PortCastelló

4 July 2011

96 percent of citizens are satisfied with the Port of Castellón. It was the result from a opinion poll where participated 250 people and was answered during the II Open Day of the Port of Castellón, which took place last 18th of June.

Visitors to the port area were invited to complete the opinion poll, which consisted in a dozen simple questions, mostly closed questions that should be answered with yes or no. The content of the questions concerned the organization of the Open Day, CSR, economic development, environment and port-city relation. Port staff and hostesses sought a survey that was answered by family or group of people who visited the port. The results of the opinion poll revealed, therefore, a satisfaction rate of 96%, a percentage that has been very much appreciated from PortCastelló. It has also been favorably assessed the day on which the new port was opened to the public to show its expansion and new infrastructure provision and services as elements to create wealth and employment.

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