Area of influence

Area of influence

The Port of Castellon has an excellent, highly strategic position on the Mediterranean coast and is close to the cluster of ceramic-tile industries which are the driving force behind the province’s economy. These companies import a large part of their raw materials through the port. In addition, an increasing percentage of finished products are now being exported from PortCastelló.

mapa Espala Hiterland

The short distance between the Port and the local ceramic-tile industry gives PortCastelló  a major advantage over other nearby ports. In addition, the road and rail links to Madrid (A3) and the Mudéjar motorway make Castellon a natural choice for inland regions such as Madrid, Saragossa, Teruel, Bilbao and San Sebastian.

The Port of Castellon’s area of influence is calculated by combining geographical and economic factors with the existing state of road and rail networks and the type of goods transported. At the same time, import and export developments in each province are taken into account as well as the products being exported and the companies exporting them. The map shows how these factors have been used to estimate the Port of Castellon’s hinterland.

Valencia, Tarragona, Saragossa, Teruel, Murcia, Almeria and Madrid account for nearly 30% of the Spanish population and are home to more than a million companies, or about 30% of the national total. Therefore, around 30% of Spain’s exports and imports come under the Port of Castellon’s area of influence.

Fuel, minerals, vegetable oil, bitumen, wax, salt, sulphur, clays, sand, calcium, cement, fruit, vegetables and plants, cereals, ceramic tiles, paper, cardboard and plastic; vehicles and spare parts, foundry products, iron and steel, and organic and inorganic chemical products are the main goods traded in the Port of Castellon’s hinterland.

France, Italy, United Kingdom, Germany, Portugal, USA, Canada, United Arab Emirates, Nigeria, the Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, China, India, Morocco, Belgium, Tunisia, Poland, Venezuela, Turkey, Greece, Russia, Israel, South Africa, Libya, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Norway, Egypt, Ukraine and Qatar are some of the main international destinations or countries of origin for goods in PortCastelló’s hinterland.