South rail access

The Port of Castellon is currently promoting rail-port intermodality to respond to stakeholder demands. This has led to the following initiatives:

  1. First phase of the South Dock rail network
  2. South rail access
  3. Intermodal station

First phase of the South Dock rail network

This project, which is currently underway, defines the steps required to implement the first phase of the South Dock rail network at the Port of Castellon. This network will link up to the planned south rail access to the Port and will facilitate future operations, bringing a range of services. The project is entirely located on the Port of Castellon’s own land.

The project includes replacing the channel that collects the water from four irrigation channels managed by the Castellon City Council in the South Dock area of the Port of Castellon, as well as the construction of a container yard adjacent to the sorting area, including the necessary space for the reachstacker cranes to manoeuvre as well as access roads for transfers to and from the aforementioned yard.

South rail access

In January 2023 ADIF, the State-owned Ports Body and the Port Authority of Castellon signed an agreement to promote a series of initiatives that will lead to the construction of the new south rail access to the Port of Castellon. The agreement includes the following:

Project to build the platform for the new south rail access to the Port of Castellon. Section I. This runs from the Mediterranean Corridor to the entrance to the intermodal station.

ADIF has already awarded the tender and is currently in the process of serving compulsory purchase orders.

  1. Project to build the platform for the new south rail access to the Port of Castellon. Section II. This runs from the exit of the Intermodal Station to the connection with the first phase of the South Dock railway network.

This project has already been delivered and supervised. Final approval is pending for the next tender. Compulsory purchase orders are currently being served.

  1. Electricity substation located at the intermodal station to supply power to the 8.3 km railway line. Pricing is currently being updated so a tender can be put out at a later date.
  2. Track and electrification project for the entire line:
    1. The track project is at the supervision phase.
    2. The electrification project is due to be delivered in February.

This south rail access will be in operation by the end of 2026 at the latest, as it is supported by Recovery and Resilience Facility funds and will provide a connection with both the Mediterranean Corridor (international gauge) and the rest of the Iberian Peninsula (Iberian gauge).


In 2022, the Port Authority awarded the drafting of the construction project for the intermodal station, with a ten-month draft deadline, thus taking the definitive step towards the creation of an essential piece of infrastructure for the province of Castellon.

The station will be located on the new south rail access line, on a 300,000 m2 surface area. It will have an electrified marshalling yard for reception/dispatch and freight loading/unloading for 750-metre-long trains. All of these tracks will be mixed gauge. There will also be a truck-rail transfer area, together with a storage area. The construction work will be divided into several phases. Future extensions are also planned for the medium term.