Northern railway access

The Port Authority of Castellón has carried out a complete renovation of the northern railway access that connects the Port to the main line administered by ADIF (Railway Network Administrator). The terminals in the Northern area of the port currently in operation, have thus been equipped with a rail access.

The service area of the port includes the rail network within the port itself and the branch line access to the port. This branch line has been constructed on land expropriated by the government which was then handed over to the Works Committee of the Port of Castellón. It is a strip of land  6,850 metres in length from the points connected to the main line to the entrance of the port, there are stretches with three different widths of 7.70, 9.70 y 11.70 metres depending on the stretch, and 4,462 metres of internal railway network of the port.


The branch line, with a length of 6,9 kms, consists of a single line with no electrification, and Iberian gauge, UIC-54. It starts at the Las Palmas Halt and connects to the network inside the port.

One of the main priorities for the renovation of the line was to avoid any unnecessary changes and make every use possible of existing culverts, drains and level crossings and to interfere as little as possible with neighbouring properties. The works started in 2007 and were finished in 2009.

This investment was designed to provide the port with a provisional, operative railway access suitable for the short term. For this reason, once the necessary foundations and engineering work had been completed, the line was equipped with all the necessary signalling, telecommunication and safety measures which would permit trains to run on the line according to current regulations and the recommendations made by ADIF.

imagen del ferrocarril por las vías

This renovation of the Northern railway access assured the connection between the port and the General Interest Rail Network (RFIG) administered by ADIF.

The Port Authority has worked together with ADIF and State Ports to develop the appropriate regulations which would permit branch line traffic to restart (opened since 2010). A lot of progress has been made with the documentation necessary for the Specific Agreement (signed in October of 2011) and training of the Commission of Convention monitoring (April 2012).

The documents required by Railway Connection Agreement, which has been drafted and is in OPPE:

An agreement has been made with ADIF to manage operations in the internal railway network, entrusting to them all activities related to management control systems, traffic and network security in port railway network.

imagen del ferrocarril entrando al puerto