North rail access

In 2007, the Port Authority of Castellon renewed the north railway line, which runs from the Les Palmes siding to the container terminals in the Port’s North Extension.


The service area includes road and rail access to the Port, among other infrastructures. This branch line is located on land that was expropriated by the State and transferred to the Port of Castellon’s Board of Works. The railway line is single, non-electrified Iberian track gauge with 54 rail profile, which has two different sections:

  • Connecting track:
    • Ballast track
    • 6,850 metres long, between the switch at the entrance to the Les Palmes siding station and the entrance to the port
    • 7.70, 9.70 and 11.70 metres wide, depending on the sections.
  • Internal network:
    • Ballastless track
    • 4,462 metres long
    • Seven switches
imagen del ferrocarril por las vías

The improved north rail access provides a rail link between the Spanish public rail network managed by ADIF and the Port of Castellon. The line was reopened in 2010 and the specific connection agreement was signed in 2011. The line is currently operational.

Following the signing of the agreement and in compliance with the Railway Sector Law, the Port of Castellon drafted the following implementation documents:

In addition, the Port Authority has a Traffic Manager and a Traffic Assistant, who are qualified to conduct rail operations.

imagen del ferrocarril entrando al puerto