The latest and most important phase in the ambitious plan to increase the size of the Port of Castellón begun at the turn of the century and programmed to continue until 2027, was completed in April 2009 with the inauguration of the South Basin (subsidised by FEDER 07-13 funds and ‘Fondos de Cohesión’ during the first phase) the most important construction project ever undertaken by the Port with an investment of 1000 million euro (between the Port Authority, Fondos de Cohesión and private investment).

After five years work, 217 hectares of logistic space was created, a total dock length of 3,870 metres and an overall depth of water in the harbour of 16 metres. Two million square metres of space have been made available opposite the Serrallo Industrial Estate a tenfold increase in the land available in the port for the installation of plants and logistics centres for the petro-chemical and ceramic industries with the aim of generating directly or indirectly 2000 new jobs.

To date terminals or plants of various types have been established around the South Basin.

  • PortSur. Public terminal for sorting and transport of solid bulk which occupies an area of 77,000 m2 and a dock front of 500 metres.
  • Élite Cements, S.L. This site is used for clinker milling and the production of Portland cement, which occupies an area of 30,000 m2.
  • Cemex. Another site for clinker milling and the production of Portland cement, which occupies an area of 40,250 m2.
  • Infinita Renovables. Plant for the production of biodiesel fuel from vegetable oils, (70,037 m2). There is a berthing area next to this site from which pipelines run to the BP Oil Refinery.
  • The company 'Compañía Logística de Hidrocarburos (C.L.H.)' has at its disposal on the on the containing wall of the South Basin facilities with movable pipes and a liquids transport system consisting of two 14” pipelines for unloading products (petrol and diesel fuel) which connects the storage plant with the Port Installations, which occupies an area of 2,256 m2.
  • UBE Chemical Europe. Has a logistics centre for raw materials connected to their plant located in the Serrallo Industrial Estate (41,890 m2).
  • BP Oil. It has a place on the breakwater for loading products coming from their refinery situated in the the Serrallo Industrial Estate, which occupies an area of 22,770 m2.

At the same time there more companies are in the process of setting up in the South Basin: ‘Hormasa’, manufactures various types of cement (from a site of 9,000 m2); Leatransa, which has a plant for the storge and distribution of solid bulks and liquids (16,500 m2); Urbamar, which will install a plant to receive and store liquid waste from ships (2,500 m2).

This new infrastructure forms the basis for the future development of the Port of Castellón, and which is designed to transform PortCastelló into one of the leading marine terminals in the Mediterranean offering a wide range of services and facilities for an equally wide range of products.

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